And so it begins…


So yesterday we organised to meet this morning at half past eight for the first full day of our new, kick-arse, three-musketeers-taking-on-the-world type company.

As you probably don’t know, being up and active starting at 8:30 is something that I have always difficulty all my life. I firmly believe that this was also the case when I was an infant as well. So at around 9pm last night I had every intention of instilling a new, early-to-bed, early-to-rise ethic into my life; especially as now I would be working on something that I am extremely passionate about.

Of course, my slumber addled mind blindly switched off my alarm come 7:45am. Obviously this has something to do with the fact that in my excited state, I ended up staying up until 1:30am tinkering with rails

Anyway, it is all on now. Keep an eye out for the ramblings here to stay up to date with progress on codenameplannr.

But, for now, I think that 10am is a more reasonable starting time. Call me a vampire if you wish, but for some reason everything clicks for me past the midnight hour… and I think these guys may just have to get used to that 😉


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