…and we’re starting from scratch!


Which, after years of working within an organisation and pre-existing framework, makes for an interesting exercise. We three are eager to begin, however we’ll need to curb our enthusiasm for jumping right in somewhat, and pay attention to some of the more mundane details associated with starting up a company first: structure, accounts, a bit of forward planning, that sort of thing. I’m pretty sure we’ll find our feet soon enough and with any luck, determine some sort of routine that’ll provide us with some coherency.

So what are up to, exactly? 

We’ll bring more details to light over the next few weeks, but in short – we’re knuckling down and building an application. One that we believe fills a niche, and more importantly, one we believe in, and want to see used in our everyday lives (and with any luck, yours as well). 

Our development methodology will hopefully come to light (and be challenged) over time as well, but suffice to say:

  • we’re focused on solving one little problem at a time;
  • the market determines everything we do;
  • and so, we will respond to it (read:you), and iterate often
And if this isn’t quite mysterious enough, we also don’t have a name for our product quite yet – hence, codenameplannr. The one concrete lesson we’ve learned thus far is how difficult name selection actually is! But we’re determined to get going even if we have to remain nameless for the moment, but here’s hoping we get hit with a flash of inspiration sometime soon (if you have a name lying around that you’re not using, please toss it our way).
So. Day 1, no name, and no concrete details for you yet. Stay tuned!
I hope it snows tomorrow.

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