The press


Today we had our first encounter with the press, as I returned a phone call from Danielle at DScene, Dunedin’s new weekly paper. Not that we’ve been seeking press attention at such an early stage mind you, but I gathered from our conversation that she was writing an article about eMedia’s recent acquisition – this is the web development firm James, Francois and I came from. Given I was the firm’s exiting General Manager, she wanted to hear my thoughts on the next stage in the company’s life.

We also spoke briefly about this project, and with any luck, we might speak again once we have something a bit more concrete to demonstrate. Perhaps the timing was serendipitous after all.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not particularly comfortable around the press given my limited experience in dealing with them. This will all have to change of course, especially if we’re keen on taking our product global. As a matter of fact, media-savviness was a part of the focus of the NZTE Escalator workshop I attended last week on web businesses (I’ve just discovered the presentation notes too).

The three of us here spent most of yesterday morning going over some of the conventional wisdom offered by the presenters. I particularly enjoyed Tim Norton’s story on how he took PlanHQ to TechCrunch40 last year – check him out on this video: so comfortable and articulate in front of the camera! And such a well-presented young man too! Why do I sound like an octogenarian all of a sudden?

It’s cold out, but I have my feet by the fire, a glass of Jameson 12 Year Old on the rocks and an evening of Rails ahead of me. Now, where did I leave my glasses?


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