And we present to you… PocketSmith!


So we finally have a name that we can be proud of, rally around, and generally pimp to the world at large. After an extremely long process, PocketSmith was struck upon by Jason after some intensive brain storming with his (far) better half evil arch nemesis.

Our brand name has got to represent the most important qualities of the product and the value that it add to our users. It is extremely easy to cram a buncha descriptive words together and wack a .com at the end of it, but we need to take thing a step further in order to communicate more about what the brand represents, and get some feeling to it!

This is not to say the brand has been developed. Now with a name that has a whole grain silo load of connotations with it, the fun part begins. We can now progress with developing the message and feel that we and our product are going to present to the market; making the PocketSmith brand whole.

We found that this one little nugget hadn’t been squatted upon, and we could secure the domain name. So now we have our domain, email all rigged up, and are ready to be moving onto the next phase in our brand development.

Big things!


One Response to “And we present to you… PocketSmith!”

  1. Thibault Says:

    PocketSmith 😉 Interesting, can’t way to know… So hard to wait !

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