Simple values matter!


In my precedent post, I have discussed the importance of using a step-by-step attitude once you get your objective. One method we have adopted has been to create three free accounts to Basecamp, a simple project management tool that allows us to make do-to lists to keep track of what needs to get done and who is responsible. That helps us to get a better idea of the (huge) mission we have in front of us! In fact, we are only using this feature so far. We might make use of milestones later to track when things are due but it’s not our top priority right now.

There are heaps of project management software or web-applications available for single user to multiple thousands users. Having worked within commercial companies before, I have witness people using such tools in Sales, Marketing or Development departments. My (really modest 🙂 experience push me to say that it doesn’t really matter how flash these applications look and how many features they have. In fact, it’s all about simplicity, intuitivism and needs-fulfillment.

I think the three of us share this idea of creating simple, easy-to-use, web applications that respond to real needs. It might sounds a bit naïve from three “newbies” but we are confident that having these simple values will help us to stay focus. At this stage, I am tempted to say “customer-focus” because I truly believe that we should build something that we will enjoy using ourselves. In fact, we are our first customers 😉

Let’s celebrate!


2 Responses to “Simple values matter!”

  1. Sue Massey Says:

    Hello. I was reading someone elses blog and saw you on their blogroll. Would you be interested in exchanging blog roll links? If so, feel free to email me.


  2. Thibault Says:

    What happened ?! Where are the new posts ?! 😉
    We already PocketSmith, do something !!!

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